Adding family to real estate title has its drawbacks

Urgent sale hits roadblock when co-owner objects

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DEAR BOB: A few years ago I added my daughter's name to the title to my home. At the time, I was very ill and she took good care of me. However, I recovered. She moved away from the area and is no longer close to me. I want to sell my home so I can afford to move into a lifecare retirement home, but she refuses to agree to the sale unless she gets half of the sales proceeds when my house sells. How can I take her off my title? --Ramon V. DEAR RAMON: Sorry, there is no easy way to take your daughter's name off the title to your home. As regular readers of this column know, it is usually a big mistake to add a prospective heir's name to your home title before death. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Such an act can be a disservice to both the homeowner and the heir, as you discovered. Now you have an ungrateful daughter who demands half of your home sales proceeds. Unless you can prove fraud, duress, or mistake in a court, there is no way to undo what you did by adding her to your titl...