Tenants face eviction for late-rent-payment plan

Can landlord suddenly reject financial arrangement?

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Question: I have lived in my apartment now for four years. I have recently gone through a financial problem and have been paying my rent late with the late-payment fee for the past couple of months. Yesterday my manager said that the owners wanted to serve us with a legal notice because of us paying rent late. My boyfriend has finally got another job so we will be able to pay rent on time. How they can do this when they have been accepting the late rent paid along with the late fee? Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: Landlords are allowed to demand that rent be paid on time. They may also make agreements to accept the rent late. These late-payment agreements may be by written contract or they may be implied by law simply by the conduct of the parties. For example, if you have a pattern of paying late for a period of time without objection by the landlord, the law may imply an agreement to pay late. In other words, the landlord may waive the right to demand timely payment of rent when h...