Buying real estate for nothing down still possible

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"Is it really possible to buy a house for nothing down?" That is the question I was asked by a "twenty-something" young lady at a cocktail party I recently attended. My reply was, "Absolutely, yes." But then I quickly qualified that statement by adding she needs good income and good credit. Her husband, standing nearby, perked up at that point and suddenly became very interested in the conversation. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Then I regaled them with brief stories of how I bought my personal residence and several rental houses for nothing down. I hope I inspired them to move out of their expensive luxury city apartment and buy their first home. As I left that conversation, my parting words were, "Your first home won't be your ultimate dream home. But it will be a start toward eventually buying your perfect home." Personally, the first "nothing down" residence I bought was a modest two-bedroom house, which, looking back, I would now classify as a "major fixer-upper." It was far...