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Get a loan on the phone when nobody’s home

Automated system takes real estate loan applications

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Consumers can now apply for mortgages at 3 a.m. on the phone if they choose, thanks to Voice2Form, which makes it possible to fill out a mortgage loan application via telephone without talking to a human being. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based Voice2Form's mortgage application system collects applicants' voice entries, converts the answers to text and enters the information into most popular loan origination systems, creating a form that can then be used in various automated underwriting systems. Of course, potential loan applicants can use Web sites to apply after hours as well. Voice2Form adds another option for the non-'Net-literate and people on the move, according to Kenneth Barash, the company's CEO. "More people use phones than use computers," Barash said. "This can be useful for people who are not computer literate, and also can be more convenient than using a PC." The most computer-literate folks are also probably the kind of people who like to multitask and do things on the run, a...