Widow faces uphill battle to claim wife’s share of real estate

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DEAR BOB: In 2001, my son got married and purchased a home, but the house is titled under his wife's daughter's name. The reason was my daughter-in-law owed the Internal Revenue Service a large amount of money. My son has paid all the expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes and maintenance. His wife recently died of cancer. What are my son's rights to this property? --Celia C. DEAR CELIA: Your son should immediately consult a local real estate attorney. I presume the daughter is at least 18. The simple solution is for her to sign a quitclaim deed to your son. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If she refuses to do so, it may be necessary for your son to bring a quiet title lawsuit against the daughter. But that could involve the IRS in the dispute, depending on the facts. This situation shows the very high risk your son created by not insisting his name be on the home's title at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, although your son has paid all the expenses, the court mig...