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Industry think-tank deliberates MLS future

Hybrid system could have local control, national standards

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The multiple listing service of the future may be less protective of property information, more broker-friendly and broker-centric, and more standardized, according to a discussion paper prepared by an industry consultant in cooperation with a group of MLSs. The paper, "Future of the MLS," prepared by Ann Hale Bailey, president of Pranix consulting company, suggests that "MLS organizations must incorporate the brokerage firms as key decision makers for MLS policies, strategies, products and services," and tosses out several possible models for a new MLS system. Options include the creation of a national MLS, statewide MLSs, metropolitan-area MLSs, or a hybrid solution that "could allow each market area to establish its own governing and decision-making structure but would include a national cooperative agreement among all entities. The cooperative agreement would include one data standard and the ability of a firm to have access to a 'pipeline' of data based on the states where they ...