Sleepless homeowners get fix for noisy toilet

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Dear Barry, The water valve in our toilet tank turns on by itself every 10 minutes or so. It makes a noise for about five seconds that sounds like the final moment of tank refill after the toilet is flushed. This happens throughout the night and often wakes us up. Can this be fixed, or does the toilet need to be replaced? --Linda Dear Linda, Your toilet does not need to be replaced. What you have is a leaking flapper. The flapper is the rubber stopper at the bottom of the tank. When you flush a toilet, the flapper lifts, releasing water into the bowl. After the flush, the flapper falls back into place and the tank refills in preparation for the next time it's used. If the flapper is not well sealed, water slowly trickles down the drain. This causes the water level in the tank to recede, thereby activating the refill valve. That's when you hear the recurrent "final moment of tank refill." Ask your plumber to replace the flapper and to make sure that the opening at the bottom of the tan...