Replacing home’s siding a ‘major undertaking’

Inspector addresses installation concerns

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Dear Barry, The plywood siding on my home is badly deteriorated. Now that I can finally afford to replace it, I have six questions. What kind of new siding is best? How should it be installed? What problems can develop if it is not installed correctly? How long can we expect the new siding to last? Is it true that rain gutters can protect the siding? And how often should the rain gutters be cleaned out? --Diana Dear Diana, Replacing the siding on a home is a major undertaking and a considerable expense, but it is becoming more common as a means of renovating the exterior surfaces of older, badly weathered homes. The current material of choice is cement siding, commonly known as HardyPlank (a proprietary name given by the company that developed the product). This is a traditional-looking lap siding, designed to have the appearance of wood planks, but consisting of fiber-reinforced cement. It is preferred for its strength and durability and can be installed without removing the existing ...