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Buyers day chock full of agent lessons

Diary of a real estate flipper

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I wake up feeling awful, like I'm hungover, but I'm not. I make myself a cup of coffee and search the house for anything with sugar in it, which turns out to be a square of chocolate with a photo of a Midtown condo development on it. I am not particularly hungry for anything else, which leads me to wonder if I have brain cancer. I have nothing to do till 4:30 – when I have an interview for a writing assignment – so I decided to spend the day trolling for and playing with buyers. First I go to a craigslist forum, first time I've ever done that, and reassure the guy who has been told that the closing costs on a $250,000 house will run him $25K. I write a well-reasoned, reassuring, top-financial-guru kind of post, and only later notice that he's in Philly. D'oh! Then I have a FSBO in my building that's an open listing, so I spend some time crafting a craigslist post on that. I go over and over the copy about the apartment, honing it to perfection so that a reader would buy ju...