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International luxury buyers ‘just like you and me’

Part 3: Real estate without borders

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Editor's note: Foreign home buyers are playing a significant role in some U.S. markets, and U.S. buyers are showing a growing interest in international markets. Florida is just one example of growing globalization in the real estate industry. In this three-part series, Inman News examines the habits of international real estate buyers and the close ties between cross-border buyers and luxury markets. (See Part 1 and Part 2.) As they check out 8,000-square-foot waterfront mansions with pools, tennis courts, screening rooms and wine cellars from 10,000 miles away, international buyers are – despite what F. Scott Fitzgerald said – just like you and me. At least, that's what their agents say. "Interestingly, residential real estate, no matter what level, is emotional. When you are talking about your own home, a reflection of who you are, it's always personal. They are looking for a home, not a house," said Donna Lee Laue, one of the founders of