Tips to avoid buying a problem house

Purchase contingency, written defect disclosure are vital

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Have you ever bought a bad "lemon car"? I have. Several, in fact. Fortunately, I was able to either get my money refunded or trade for a better car. But getting out of the purchase of a "bad house" isn't so easy. In fact, it might be impossible. That's why home buyers need to know how to avoid purchasing a bad house. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. NO HOUSE IS PERFECT. As even home builders will admit, no house is perfect. Hopefully, the imperfections are minimal. What one person considers a defect is often not important to another person. For example, I own a second-home residence about a half-block from a spur railroad track, which is used two times each weekday with a slow freight train in each direction. The first train of the day comes through about 8:15 a.m. Its mellow whistle is a nice wake-up call, which I don't mind. The return train comes by about 5 p.m. While not a home defect, that quiet railroad track would be considered a serious detriment affecting nearby residence m...