Homeowners unaware of probate court nightmare

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DEAR BOB: My husband and I have a home mortgage with our names on it, but the house title is in my husband's name. We have no wills. What would I have to go through if he passed away? --Lana J. DEAR LANA: Please consult a local attorney specializing in wills and living trusts. Without written wills, you are at the mercy of the local probate court. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If either of you dies tomorrow, because you have no living trust or written wills, the deceased's estate must be distributed by the dreaded local probate court to transfer title. The state law of intestate succession then determines who will receive the deceased's assets. Especially in second marriages, the title might not go where you desire. To avoid probate court costs and delays, I suggest you and your husband consider placing the title to your home into a revocable living trust. Then, when one of you dies, the successor trustee (presumably the surviving spouse) can transfer title to the living-trust as...