New book reveals negatives of real estate sales

Author takes shots at all involved parties

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When I began reading "Buyers are Liars and Sellers are too!" by longtime real estate broker Richard Courtney, I thought that at last home sellers, buyers and realty agents would discover the full story about the home sales business. Lest you think Courtney doesn't have the credentials to write this book, he is the president-elect of his local association of Realtors. Instead, I found a unique book filled with negative comments about home buyers, sellers and even real estate agents. I can't recall one positive example in the entire book about a home buyer or seller. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Yet the book is filled with lots of hopefully made-up examples of greedy home sellers and buyers. Worse, Courtney has nothing good to say about "for sale by owner" home sellers whom he calls "For Sale by Ogre." Having been a real estate broker for 39 years, I can relate to many of Courtney's examples, which I hope are hypothetical. Many illustrations are downright humorous. However, the au...