Church faces uphill battle in mold lawsuit

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The Church of the Palms discovered extensive mold damage in one of its buildings, which is insured under an all-risk policy with the Cincinnati Insurance Co. According to the policy, "The Church is covered by an all-risk policy, which excludes losses caused by rust, corrosion, fungus, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect or any quality in property that causes itself to damage or destroy itself or for losses resulting from faulty, inadequate or defective design, specifications, workmanship, repair, and construction." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. After discovering the mold, the church hired an expert who determined the building's negligent construction and design most likely caused the mold infestation. The insurance company denied the church's mold damage claim, pointing to the policy exclusion for fungus damage. But the church's attorney argued the policy does not specifically exclude coverage for damage caused by mold. However, the insurer replied that mold is a form a...