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NAR/DOJ lawsuit stymies innovation

Guest perspective: Online brokerage delayed 4 years and counting (Part 1)

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Editor's note: This is a two-part guest perspective written by Minneapolis attorney Brian N. Larson on the impact of the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors trade group. See Part 2. Real estate brokerages and multiple listing services have no clearer guidance today in online brokerage than they did four years ago, despite years of National Association of Realtors policymaking and the Justice Department's lawsuit against the trade group. The early days of the virtual office Web site debate were typified by fairly open and vigorous discussions. NAR policymaking muddled things quite a bit and brought the attention of the federal government. Right now, the NAR/DOJ lawsuit is the thing, and the industry stands to lose regardless of the outcome. The potential consequences are grave, but MLSs and brokers might be able to do something about it. They should 1) look back at how the issues arose in the first place, 2) consider the consequences of ...