Mortgage secrets from a real estate insider

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If you are a home buyer, homeowner or residential real estate sales agent, there should be a law requiring you to read David Reed's new mortgage insider secrets book, "Who Says You Can't Buy a Home?" Written by an experienced mortgage banker, this new book reveals facts most mortgage lenders don't want borrowers to know because such secrets harm lender profits. Reed is on the side of home loan borrowers as he shares how mortgage lenders view home loan originations. The book's theme is, "Anyone with steady income, no matter how bad the credit rating, or even with no credit, can find a mortgage to buy a home." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The author then over-delivers on his promise by explaining virtually every mortgage lender trick that can hurt borrowers, along with explanations of how to overcome borrower obstacles. A book reviewer is supposed to remain unenthusiastic about books reviewed, but that is impossible after reading this superb new "tell all" book. Reed explains virt...