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Next generation of real estate classifieds

Part 3: Real estate advertising rides new tidal wave

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Editor's note: This three-part series examines structural changes within the classifieds industry, obstacles newspapers have to overcome to stay in the game, and what some publications are doing to differentiate  themselves and to build a heavier online footprint with real estate. (See Part 1 and Part 2.) Amidst a rapidly changing real estate advertising market, a newspaper in West Palm Beach, Fla., has made waves with new Web classified programs, winning awards for best classified site and earning top recognition from publishing peers. The Palm Beach Post has about 17,000 local property listings for sale in its database, said Dan Shorter, a representative with the newspaper. Part of the newspaper's strategy for remaining a vital source of real estate classifieds information has been to build one of the deepest and broadest databases of property listings, he said. "To make sure we had the largest database of local listings, a few years ago we started digitizing every display ad w...