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Online real estate buyer’s agent expands national footprint

BuySide Realty now offers services in Georgia

Online real estate buyer's service BuySide Realty today announced its expansion into Georgia, making it the fourth state for the company that launched two months ago. Joseph and Avi Fox, brothers who paved the way for online stock brokerages in the late 1990s, in April started BuySide Realty, which gives home buyers access to property listings, licensed real estate agents and technology used to make and manage offers via the Internet, among other things. The company gives back 75 percent of the buyer's agent commission to buyers who close on a home using the BuySide service. In addition to Georgia, the company offers buy-side services in California, Florida and Illinois. "Our original target for 90 percent coverage of the U.S. was by the end of 2008," said Joseph Fox, CEO of BuySide Inc. "However, with buyers throughout the country asking 'when are we coming to their state', along with the thousands of buyers in our current states utilizing our services, we are now targeting a 90 per...