Can sibling force sale of inherited real estate?

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DEAR BOB: My mother died about two years ago. Her will left everything to my sister and me equally. I was living with my mom when she died of cancer, so my sister has allowed me to live in the house if I pay the property taxes and insurance. There is no mortgage. The house is worth around $400,000. Now my sister thinks we should sell the house, but I don't want to sell, as I am very satisfied with the status quo. Can my sister force me to sell? --Naomi N. DEAR NAOMI: Yes. As a co-owner, your sister can bring a partition lawsuit to force the sale of the house. In most partition lawsuits, the judge orders the property sold with the sales proceeds divided among the titleholders. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. It is extremely difficult to defend a partition lawsuit unless there are extraordinary circumstances. To save litigation costs, you and your sister could enter into an agreement to sell the property and divide the net proceeds, thus saving court attorney fees. NO INHERITANCE IF D...