Homeowner deals with ‘blistering paint’ problem

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Q: About four years ago, my sons painted my house. They pressure-washed and scraped and sanded one weekend, and painted the next weekend. Subsequently, blisters appeared in the paint in several areas. Last summer I had a professional painter repaint the house, again washing one weekend, along with scraping and sanding, and painting the next weekend. Now the whole house has blisters in the paint, and the paint is coming off the edges of the siding. Incidentally, I also had a new roof put on. The roofer removed three layers of shingles, replaced some plywood, and added additional vents. Do you have any ideas? Should I hire a home inspector? --Sandy A. A: Blisters behind the paint are caused by moisture trapped behind the paint film. From what you describe, there are a couple of things that could be causing this. You mentioned that in both instances of repainting your house, the painters pressure-washed first. It's essential that the wood is completely dry before painting, and it may be t...