Kitchen and bath show unveils unique inventions

From dog whirlpools to glass sinks

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Every year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), one manufacturer comes up with an over-the-top sensation that offers little utility but garners lots of media attention. This year's over-the-top item -- a whirlpool bath for a dog -- actually makes some sense if you're a dog owner. Offered by MTI Whirlpools, the Jentle Pet Spa fits onto a stand about the size of a crib, so that you can bathe Fido without wrenching your back. Other owner-friendly details include a lower, rounded front so that the tub edge won't poke your midriff as you administer the bath, and a wide rim on three sides of the tub that's a handy place to put the shampoo and other dog bathing paraphernalia you'll be using. For Fido's benefit, the faucets and hand-held shower are attached on the rim, up and out of his body area, so that he can't bang his head on them should he get soap in his eyes and squirm. Even though the Jentle Pet Spa makes the dog-bathing task easier, it still may strike a non-dog owner as in...