Consequences to co-signing mortgage catch some by surprise

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DEAR BOB: My parents divorced in 1995. The judge gave the house to my mom, but she had to either sell it or keep it and refinance the mortgage. She wanted to keep the house. But she couldn't refinance because her debt-to-income ratio was too high. So my mother gave me a quitclaim deed, signing the house over to me, and I helped her refinance with a new mortgage. Now I want to get my name off the title and put my mother back as sole owner, as she desires. If I do that and my mother dies, am I responsible for the mortgage payments although I don't hold title? What do I need to do to quitclaim the house title back to my mom? Do I need to go through a title company? --David P. DEAR DAVID: If you are now on the title alone, you can sign a quitclaim deed to your mother. However, you will still remain liable to make sure the mortgage payments are made even when you don't hold title to the property. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. When your mother dies, the title to the house then goes to w...