3 types of homes investors should avoid

Potential for resale profits can be severely limited

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There are three types of real estate investment opportunities that should be avoided if profits are your main goal. Here they are: 1. AVOID BUYING HOUSES IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Fortunately, the long-term trend for sound, well-located U.S. houses has always been up. But along the way, there are peaks, valleys and plateaus. "Are we in a real estate bubble?" is a question I am frequently asked. My reply is "I don't think so, but if you find someone who knows for sure, please let me know." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. To avoid this market-value risk of buying at the top of a housing bubble, I recommend avoiding purchasing houses in excellent condition and, instead, buying so-called "fixer-upper houses" where the market value can be increased by making profitable improvements that add more market value than they cost. This technique is called "forced inflation." It is used by smart home buyers and real estate investors to raise the market value of a property by more than the fix-up w...