Homeowners sue after neighbors block access road

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In 2000, Richard and Lilia Aaron bought their residential property. The only access to a public road over their land is a one-half-mile-long, steep driveway, which is difficult to use, especially in inclement weather. Regular use of that driveway had been discontinued by previous owners for about 20 years because there was a more convenient access over a paved private road, known as Texaco Road, which crosses adjoining property owned by Dallas and Patricia Dunham. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Not long before the Aarons' property purchase, the Dunhams began to limit use of the road. Evidence shows the road was created in 1982 by Texaco, which used it to reach nearby leased property. The prior owners of the Aaron property used the Texaco Road without asking or receiving permission. But in 1999 the Dunhams wrote a letter to the prior owners, the Fullertons, revoking permission to use the road. The Aarons were aware of the dispute when they bought their home in 2000. Shortly after p...