Renter’s insurance worth the extra cost

Increased protection benefits landlords, tenants alike

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Question: Can a landlord require renter's liability insurance? Tenants' attorney Kellman replies: The name of the game for landlords is to shift as much of the costs of maintaining their investment on to the renter without raising the stated rent. As we know, adding costs to the tenant is like raising the effective "rent" you pay each month to live there anyway. We get it. We see such cost shifting when landlords try to deduct routine maintenance costs from a security deposit, which we all know is improper. They also pass the costs of water on to the tenant without individual water meters, which the legislature has not decided if it is improper or not yet. Now many landlords are trying to pass the liability protection costs (renter's insurance) to tenants for damages that have not even happened yet. While common in commercial tenancies, requiring this for residential tenants is still relatively rare but does not appear to directly violate any law. Renter's insurance is a protection a...