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SoCal MLS implements Clareity’s security system

Tiny token protects against unauthorized access

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Clareity Security on Wednesday announced the successful implementation of the SAFEMLS solution for the Southern California MLS. Clareity's SAFEMLS solution protects against unauthorized MLS access using a token-sized security device that generates single-use passwords. This type of authentication technology safeguards the networks and databases of thousands of companies worldwide and is effective regardless of access method. The implementation included several phases, starting with an education and communication campaign to the SoCal MLS membership in late 2005. As of June 14, 2006, the entire MLS system and all of its 38,000 users had been switched over from simple login to strong authentication using SAFEMLS tokens. "When we made the decision to go with strong authentication we felt comfortable that Clareity Security was the firm that could provide the level of service that our customers have come to expect from their MLS...The result is a security package that works well and is ea...