Avoid title problems after co-owner’s death

Clearing deceased's name done with 2 documents

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DEAR BOB: The title to our home is in a living trust with my husband and myself as trustees. My husband passed away a few months ago. Should I change the title and record a new deed in my name alone? --Rhoda C. DEAR RHODA: If you and your late husband had a joint living trust, that document became irrevocable after his passing. I presume the terms of that living trust left the house to you but with title still in the name of the living trust. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. It is generally best to clear up any joint title problems after one of the co-owners dies. But in your situation, it might not be necessary to do anything, depending on the terms of the living trust. Check with a local attorney who specializes in living trusts just to be sure. If title had been jointly held by another method, such as joint tenancy with right of survivorship, then it would be necessary for you to clear your deceased husband's name from the title. In most states, all that is required to clear the n...