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California Realtors denounce failed ballot measure

State initiative sought to create open, public MLS database

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The California Association of Realtors, in an announcement this week, called attention to the failure of a ballot initiative that sought to establish a statewide database for property listings information. San Francisco lawyer David Barry, who has filed several antitrust lawsuits against the California Association of Realtors and other real estate groups, led the ballot initiative, which he said failed for lack of financial support because the collection of signatures is typically a costly process. A similar ballot initiative has been proposed in the state of Maine, and Barry is now leading an Open MLS Institute that supports the free dissemination of information about homes for sale and for rent and allows both consumers and agents to list property information. "Barry reportedly was unable to secure a single supportive reported signature for the (ballot) initiative during his statewide collection efforts over the past several months," according to the statement by the California Ass...