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New book gives agents tips for success

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Whether you are a new real estate agent, an "old pro" agent or an individual contemplating becoming a real estate agent, you will enjoy "Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies" by real estate success trainer Dirk Zeller. Although the book starts out slow and a bit disorganized, it picks up speed, and by the conclusion it has covered virtually every topic new and experienced realty agents need to understand. The introductory chapters, about how to get started selling real estate, are a bit weak and unfocused. Frankly, it's hard for any new agent to make right decisions at this critical time, but the book isn't much help. But don't give up. The book gets much better. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Author Dirk Zeller is a successful residential real estate sales agent who is now CEO of a real estate sales training organization. As a result, he has clients nationwide who tell him what sales methods are working and which ones aren't. Along the way, Zeller might change agent minds ab...