How to get rid of a neighborhood nuisance

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"Do I have to disclose to my buyer the real reason I am selling my house is the obnoxious noisy neighbors?" That was the e-mail question I received a few days ago. Most states now have home-sale disclosure laws that require sellers to reveal serious problems that have a material affect on the market value or desirability of a residence. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. My answer was, "Yes, you must disclose the next door neighbors are noisy." However, you don't have to reveal that is the primary reason for your home sale. I based my answer on the only court case of which I am aware, which said home sellers must disclose especially troublesome neighbors. That case involved an IBM employee who had been transferred to Seattle. A corporate relocation firm took over the sale of the employee's former residence. The firm was not aware of the very troublesome neighbors and the police had been called many times. After the buyers moved in, they immediately noticed the obnoxious neighbors and s...