Do-it-yourself doggie stairs

Canines seek easy access to Victorian bed

Q: I have three Yorkies and would like to make steps for them so that they can get up on my old Victorian bed, which is high off the floor. I have saws, sanders, routers, scroll saws and drills, but I've been unable to find any instructions for making these steps. Can you help? A: When your question popped out of our e-mail, we both got a chuckle. We're afraid you've hit upon a small dagger in the rear of domestic bliss in Kevin's household. Kevin's wife, Heidi, is a dog lover. She can't pass a stray in the greater Boise, Idaho, area without stopping, checking it out and maybe bringing it home. Right now there are three canines in residence at the Burnett household: Rusty the rat terrier and Amber and Arrow the miniature pinschers (min-pins). The min-pins are "yappy" and can be obnoxious -- so much so that Kevin has nicknamed them the velociraptors. They all sleep on Kevin and Heidi's bed. Heidi wouldn't have it any other way, in spite of Kevin's occasional allergic reaction. Rusty is ...