Deck railings: Think outside of the wood

Metal, glass and canvas just a few options for creating a railing

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When it comes time to construct or replace a railing around your deck, your first thought is probably wood. Wood is certainly the hands-down favorite for railings, but there are lots of other options out there that are worth exploring. Composite materials:  The growth in popularity of decking materials such as Trex and other composites has brought about an increase in the number of railing components and accessories in the same material. You can now find posts, pickets, rails and other parts that can be used alone or in conjunction with wood to create beautiful, low-maintenance railings to match any type of deck. Metal:  Aluminum, steel and other metal components can be used to make very sturdy, weather-resistant, and attractive railings. Some options include vertical rods of copper or anodized aluminum combined with horizontal wood rails, welded wrought iron in any number of designs, and even brass or copper. Aluminum railing systems offer another great alternative and are a...