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Too many real estate newbies

Perspective: Excessive supply of real estate salespeople is bad news

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Jane Austin. Algebra II. Hypnotherapy. Jazz. Those are some of the subjects of the newest books in the "for Dummies" series published by John Wiley & Sons. There's also another new title: Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies, being released this summer. With all due respect to author Dirk Zeller and the legions of loyal "Dummies" readers, it must take more than a 384-page, black-and-yellow book chock-full of "Reminders," "Tips" and "Warnings" to learn how to sell real estate. That steep learning curve is but one of the reasons why there are too many brand-new salespeople starting out in real estate today. The economics of real estate brokerage create incentives for brokers to recruit, recruit and recruit, regardless of the reality that most of the recruits won't survive their first year much less succeed in real estate as a long-term career. If long-term success isn't the prime objective, it should be because the revolving door of salespeople is no more new to the business t...