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Real estate agents turn words into profits

Future-Proof: Navigate Threats, Seize Opportunities at ICNY 2018 | Jan 22-26 at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York

All top professionals must practice their skills relentlessly in order to stay at the top of their game. Actors must rehearse their lines hundreds of times before performing for an audience; airplane pilots are required to complete hundreds of hours in flight simulators before their first flight; and most professional athletes endure countless hours of rigorous training in order to have an extra edge on the competition. This same "practice makes perfect" philosophy also holds true for successful real estate agents. As a real estate agent, it is likely that most of your training focused primarily on how to fill out a contract, rather than how to effectively list, negotiate and close a deal. But in order to be successful, agents need to use the clearest, most effective words they can find at every stage of the process. That's where scripts and dialogues come in. They are useful tools used by top agents to help them perform their jobs more effectively. Here are just a few examples of scr...