Best home inspectors not always most experienced

6 criteria to gauge professional competence

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Dear Barry, You often advise buyers to find a home inspector who has done thousands of inspections. Frankly, this may not be the best advice. I know home inspectors who have practiced the same bad habits for years and who schedule too many inspections a day to possibly do a thorough job. What's more, the reports many of them write are professionally embarrassing. Some are too short (two or three pages), while other are inflated with a hundred pages of unnecessary information. People need to know that not all inspectors, no matter how many inspections they have done, are qualified to deliver a thorough and comprehensive product. Sometimes it's the newer inspectors, those who have only done several hundred inspections but have learned to do it the right way, who are the better choice. Could you please comment on this? --Steve Dear Steve, Your points are very well taken. Although there are guidelines for finding qualified home inspectors, there are no reliable standards that guaranty prof...