Honduras emerges as second-home paradise

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I'm a sucker for clear, warm water and tropical fish. In fact, two of the few things I hide from our four children are my new mask and snorkel. "Just never know when I'm going to need 'em," I constantly tell me wife. Truth is, "never" has come along more frequently than "need." That's why I could not wait to hear from a fellow writer, Steve, who had just returned from a dive trip to the island of Roatan, the largest of 50 islands and keys that are collectively known as Islas de la Bahia, or Bay Islands. They lie in an arc in the western Caribbean approximately 40 miles off the northeast coast of Honduras and about 200 miles south of Cancun. The lure of Roatan, about 32 miles long and two miles wide, is its extensive barrier reef system that offers some of the clearest saltwater swimming in the world. It is the largest of the chain's six main islands and can be reached by nonstop flights from Houston, Miami and Atlanta. Steve could not stop talking about Roatan -- and his enthusiasm wa...