How to find a buyer for virtually any house or condo

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On a recent airline flight to Chicago, I sat next to a fascinating gentleman who told me he was 74. He was returning from a competitive swimming event. Needless to say, he looked like he was in great physical condition. More interesting to me was that he develops real estate, mostly condominium complexes. Then he told me condo sales (along with most housing sales) have recently slowed down. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Knowing his condo sales frustration, I asked if he ever used lease-options to sell his condos. To my surprise, he hasn't used lease-options. So I mailed him some information that I hope he finds profitable to get his unsold condos producing income. As the housing market slows down in most cities to what we a few years ago called "normal," lease-option use is expected to become more widespread. Personally, I've been using lease-options more than 25 years to buy and sell houses. I even "bought" my current residence on a lease-option. Properly structured, I've never...