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No cash flow for this agent

Diary of a real estate rookie

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Six months ago, I didn't have any income. Now I have advanced to a magical plateau: I don't have any cash. I realized this today when I had a long conversation with a marketing exec. Six months ago I would have been begging her for work; today, she was offering me some, and I wasn't all that eager to grab it. "You owe me four thousand dollars," is what I said. There's another $4,000 due for writing jobs I've already performed, plus $500 from a small publication that I'll have to take to small claims court, plus $5,000 in advance on another job. And then there are the real estate commissions: $6,000 from a sale that should wrap up in a month, $750 from a rental ditto. That's not even counting if either of my two condo buyers, who I have been nursing for a long time, decide to go for it. Oh, and rent on the beach house: $4,000 is due there. Total it all up and I sound rich, at least for me. I can imagine the next six weeks bringing in a spill of more than $20,000 worth of checks, w...