Job relocation holds real estate tax benefit

Home sellers granted exemption from occupancy requirement

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DEAR BOB: I have owned my condominium since March 31, 2005. But I am interested in relocating in the next few months for career purposes. Someone told me I might be exempt from capital gains tax on the sale of my condo -- although I have not lived in it for 24 months -- if I sell for career or educational purposes. Is this true? --Annmarie S. DEAR ANNMARIE: If you sell your principal residence due to a job location change that qualifies for the moving-expense tax deduction, you may be eligible for a partial Internal Revenue Code 121 $250,000 exemption based on the number of months of primary-residence ownership and occupancy. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. However, moving for "educational purposes" clearly does not qualify unless you obtain a new job where you attend school. For full details, please consult your tax adviser. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN MAKING FINAL MORTGAGE PAYMENT DEAR BOB: We bought our home 18 years ago with the seller carrying back the mortgage. We faithfully made on-...