How to regain possessions left behind in a rental

Landlords must follow rules before disposing of property

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Q: I recently married and moved out of my apartment, but I forgot to take some items when I left. When I got back from our honeymoon, I tried contacting the property manager, with no luck. Several wedding gifts are also missing. How can I get my stuff back? Can they just toss my things out? A: You have two problems to solve. First, the missing gifts. Be sure you put in a forwarding order with the U.S. Postal Service. Forwarding requests can be made online at Click "Change of Address" and follow the guide. There is also a "Redelivery Service" link, which may help you recover some of the wedding gifts. As for forgetting items in the apartment, you're not alone, since renters leave belongings behind quite often. As a result, there are specific procedures for both landlords and tenants for handling the problem in most states. Property or possessions may be considered abandoned by a tenant, depending on individual state law, which can be found online through either the Depar...