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Zillow hands data keys to homeowners

Owners can publish updates to house facts on real estate site

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Real estate Web site is allowing homeowners across the United States to update information about their homes currently displayed at the national site. Homeowners previously were able to make changes to their home's record, but could not share these changes with the public. Now, after an online process to verify whether a person is the actual homeowner, owners can correct information that may be out of date such as square footage and remodeling projects that could impact their home's value. Homeowners who want to update their home's information will have to register at the site under their own names to enable Zillow to verify who they are and avoid publishing anything submitted by a non-owner. Once verified, homeowners also can choose their own comparable transactions to include in their home's value estimate at Zillow. If the owner chooses, a full report with owner changes will be published online alongside Zillow's original reports and estimates for anyone surfing the s...