What can home buyers expect sellers to fix?

Successful negotiation involves give and take

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Negotiating a purchase contract isn't easy when home sellers cling to expectations based on last year's real estate market, and buyers refuse to overpay. Equally challenging are the renegotiations that can occur after buyers do inspections. How do you successfully navigate the second round of negotiations? The goal is to come away from the bargaining table feeling that you've struck a good deal, ideally without alienating the sellers. After all, you may need to impose on the sellers for return visits to the property before closing. And, you hope the sellers will leave the place clean and tidy. Before you begin a dialogue with the seller about who is to fix what, you should have a clear understanding of your purchase agreement. For example, does the seller warrant the condition of the property, or are you buying the property in its present condition? Let's say the contract states that the seller warrants the roof is free of leaks. You ask a roofing contractor to inspect the roof. He say...