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Overpricing: a common fault of today’s home sellers

Let the market determine correct value, agents say

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Handling the matter of pricing is like handling a porcupine. It should be done very carefully. Often agents are faced with the challenge of feeling like they need to win a popularity contest to get the listing, and at the same time bring a sometimes-harsh reality about market value to the seller's attention. A good pricing suggestion is built on a solid foundation of the market's current facts and figures because ultimately the market's opinion of value carries more weight than yours or the sellers. The following scripts will help you present your price suggestions persuasively by incorporating current market statistics and data into your dialogue to support your recommendation. All of these have been tried and tested by top-performing real estate professionals in their markets, and with a little practice, they can work for you too. Let customers know what your price suggestion is and that they ultimately have control over the final decision. But make them aware that there are defini...