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Real estate attitudes revealed in poll results

Nearly half of participants believe house prices will increase in next 2 years

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Nearly half of consumers responding to a national poll said they believe housing prices in their regions will rise in the next two years, a stark contrast to a housing report released last week by Moody's that predicts house prices are likely to decline more than 10 percent over the next few years in 20 metropolitan areas. The survey, produced by the Associated Press and AOL Real Estate, asked 2,001 adults about attitudes towards home buying, and was conducted Sept. 19-26 by Ipsos. About 50 percent of participants said they think housing in their area is not currently overpriced, but 46 percent said they believe prices are inflated. Suburbanites were more likely to say housing in their area is overpriced (53 percent), compared to urban residents (39 percent) and those living in rural areas (40 percent). Other key poll findings include: Men (29 percent), especially unmarried men (35 percent), are more likely than women (22 percent) to say that they are likely to purchase a home in t...