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Two regional MLS efforts run on separate tracks

NCREX loses a member to Quattro

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And then there were five. A planned regional MLS consolidation in Northern California has lost one of its founding members, according to an announcement Wednesday. Board members for the San Francisco Association of Realtors have "indicated they are temporarily withdrawing their participation in the Northern California Real Estate Exchange (NCREX), an effort by a group of MLSs to merge into a single MLS with a common database, common rules and a single fee for members. NCREX is hopeful that SFAR will make a decision to continue its full participation in NCREX," according to a statement released Wednesday by the Bay East Association of Realtors, a member of NCREX. Other members of the regional MLS effort include Central Valley MLS, Contra Costa MLS, East Bay Regional Data, and RE Infolink MLSs. There are other examples across the country of MLSs seeking to consolidate data and operations, often at the request of large brokers who want greater efficiencies, such as the standardization of...