Tips for maximizing bathroom remodel

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People do lots of thinking when they remodel a bathroom. They agonize over colors, countertop materials, and choosing the latest lavatory sink, but too often they overlook the kind of improvements that would matter most. Simply upgrading your bathroom with fancy fixtures and materials won't do a thing to improve its function. You'll just be trading a lousy old bathroom for a lousy new one. So make sure you don't miss these basics: 1. Don't rule out relocating a toilet, a sink, or even a bathtub if doing so would definitely improve the room's layout. The old notion that moving plumbing fixtures will break the bank simply isn't true in most cases -- in a major bathroom remodel, the biggest expense is in finishes, not in rough plumbing. A common example: Building codes allow a toilet to be centered in a space as little as 30 inches wide. Yet many older bathrooms have much more space than that between the toilet and adjoining cabinets or walls. In a case like this, moving the toilet to the...