Best way to hang pictures on plaster

Biggest concern: Will I crack my wall?

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Q: We would like to hang pictures, some of them rather large, on a plaster wall. Can you tell us the best way to do this? We are afraid of cracking the plaster. A: With proper technique, hanging pictures on a lath-and-plaster wall isn't a problem. If the pictures are small and equipped with a wire on the back, use a small picture hook and nail. To install small picture hooks, all you need is a hammer. Gently tap the nail provided with the hook diagonally into the wall using the hook itself as a guide. With small hooks there is little danger of cracking the plaster. Larger hooks may require pre-drilling a hole. A cordless drill equipped with a drill bit slightly smaller than the nail is the tool for the job. Drilling a pilot hole removes some of the plaster and greatly reduces the possibility of cracking the plaster. Make sure to drill the hole on an angle that approximates the angle of the path of the nail. For small- and medium-sized pictures you don't have to be concerned about hitti...