Best ways to determine home’s market value

Web gives rise to increasingly accurate estimates

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Until your home sells to a willing buyer and the sale is closed, nobody knows for sure how much your home is really worth. But there are three methods that will help guesstimate your home's fair market value until you actually close the sale: 1. Internet market-value estimates. Don't laugh! In the last few years, computerized Internet market-value estimates for houses and condominiums have become remarkably accurate. My first experience with an Internet appraisal was three years ago when I obtained a home equity credit line secured by my vacation-home condo. I estimated it was worth $125,000 at the time. But Wells Fargo Bank used a computerized appraisal to determine the market value was $150,000 so they approved a $100,000 credit line without a formal appraisal. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Today, homeowners can obtain free Internet market-value estimates from several sources. The newest is at This advertiser-driven Web site seems quite accurate, based on several...