Top ways to save on homeowner’s insurance

What lenders, agents would prefer to keep secret

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Everyone, no matter how rich or poor, enjoys saving money. For example, a few weeks ago a multimillionaire real estate investor friend took me to a lavish lunch, which must have cost him at least $100. As we were leaving the restaurant, he saw the city "meter maid" coming down the street. All of a sudden he sprinted to beat her to his Lexus with an expired parking meter so he wouldn't get a $20 parking ticket. Yes, even multimillionaires enjoy saving $20. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If you are a homeowner or real estate investor who enjoys saving money, a good place to start is with your insurance coverage. Most property owners leave it up to their insurance agents to obtain the right insurance coverage at a reasonable cost. But that can be a costly mistake. Understanding property insurance coverages and how to cut premium costs while increasing coverage can pay off with major savings. DON'T INSURE FOR THE MORTGAGE BALANCE. Millions of homeowners make a very expensive mistake ...