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Brush-up on ABCs of real estate

Part 1: Business interactions set stage for long-term relationships

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Good manners are not just knowing which spoon or fork to use, but how to treat others in all situations, especially in the business of real estate. The subtleties of your business interactions can set the stage for profitable long-term relationships and will help you to become more successful at work and in your interpersonal interactions. Every now and then, you may wish to take a step back and brush up on some of the more basic fundamentals of real estate by reviewing what I like to call the ABCs of real estate. A-Appearance First impressions carry a lot of weight. No matter what time you are meeting with your clients or what plans you might have afterwards, you must always look the part. If you appear well groomed and appropriately dressed your stock and credibility will significantly go up. This also applies to the appearance of everything you bring with you as well. Is your car clean? Is your briefcase in good condition? Do you have clean, crisp copies of all the necessary paperw...